Board of Directors

Our Governing Body

The West Valley Sanitation District is governed by a five-member Board of Directors, comprised of the elected officials from each of the four municipalities in the district’s jurisdiction, and one member from the County of Santa Clara Board of Supervisors. At the beginning of each year, the municipalities and the County appoint one elected official to serve on the sanitation board for the subsequent year.  WVSD Board of Directors is comprised of the following elected officials from cities served by the District:

  • Manny Cappello, Chairperson, Mayor of City of Saratoga, Serving Since 2014, Current Term Appointment 12/19/2018, Term Ends 12/31/2019, Contact
  • Paul Resnikoff, Vice Chairperson, Council Member of City of Campbell, Serving Since 2017, Current Term Appointment 1/2/2019, Term Ends 12/31/2019, Contact
  • Steven Leonardis, Mayor of Town of Los Gatos, Serving Since 2013, Current Term Appointment 12/18/2018, Term Ends 12/31/2019, Contact
  • Rowena Turner, Mayor of City of Monte Sereno, Serving Since 2017, Current Term Appointment 1/22/2019, Term Ends 12/31/2019, Contact
  • Mike Wasserman, Board of Supervisor, First District, Santa Clara County, Serving Since 2018, Current Term Appointment 01/15/2019, Term Ends 12/31/2019, Contact