Rates and Charges

West Valley Sanitation District has established rates and charges for sewer service. The rate structure is based on the cost of providing sewer service to residential and commercial users. Residential rates are based on average flow volume for each classification. Commercial rates are based on actual flow volume and classification.


Table of Rates

Sewer service charges are collected on the tax bill, under the heading "WV Sewer Sani/Storm." The sewer service charges for fiscal year 2018-19 are summarized below:

Residential Sewer Charges are Monthly Rate per Dwelling
Single Family / Townhome / Condo $46.25
Multi-Family $32.96
Accessory Dwelling $31.53
Mobile Home $31.53
Commercial, Institutional and Grouped Industries are Based on Loading per Hundred Cubic Feet (HCF) of Wastewater Discharge
  Restaurant $9.30
  Hotel/Motel $4.78
  Gas Station - Repair $5.03
  Domestic Laundry $4.18
  Retail/Office/Misc. $4.79
  Hospitals $4.48
  Schools $5.41
Grouped Industries
  Winery $14.22
  Printing Plants $6.46
  Machinery Manufacturing $6.77
  Electrical Equipment $4.56
  Film Service $4.61
  Plating Works $4.24
  Industrial Laundry $9.03
  Car Wash $3.77

How to Read Your Sewer Bill

The total sewer service charge appears on the property tax bill under code "0890, WV Sewer Sani/Storm", charges include sewer service, storm drain rate, or SSAP/PLRP payments (if any) as a lump sum in the WV Sewer Sani/Storm designation and are not itemized. District staff can provide a breakdown upon request.

Hillside Zone Rate

The District has established a Hillside Zone, which defines hillsides where sewers are at risk for failure due to land subsidence or erosion. The District collects a rate of $100 per year for every connected parcel in the zone and puts the funds in a restricted account for sewer repairs only in the zone. The hillside rate is collected on the tax bill under code "1004, WV Hillside Zone Sewer". 

Storm Drain Maintenance Program

By agreement with the cities of Campbell, Los Gatos, and Monte Sereno, the District collects an additional surcharge to fund the West Valley Clean Water Program. The program is a joint effort of the cities and the District to comply with the requirements of the NPDES permit for urban runoff pollution control. The fees are approximately $20 for residential parcels; fees for commercial parcels are based on square footage. The fee is collected on the tax roll along with the sewer service charges. Call for details on your property.

Connection, Capacity, and Permit Fees

The District assesses sewer connection and capacity fees including administrative and miscellaneous fees. A discription of these fees can be found here.

  Fee Schedule