Financing Programs

The District established procedures for connecting to the sewer system, created a variety of permits to cover various circumstances, developed sewer financing programs and established requirements for contractors working within the District.

Financing Programs Procedures

For more information about the Distict's Financing Programs, contact the District's Permit Department at (408) 378-2407

West Valley Sanitation District has two sewer financing programs, providing funds for extension of the district's sanitary system to new development as well as for the abandonment of septic systems. The financing programs are:

  • Septic System Abandonment Program. The District initiated the Septic System Abandonment Program (SSAP) in March 1986 to encourage property owners in urban areas to abandon their septic systems and connect to public sewers. Under the SSAP, the District designs and constructs the main and lateral sewers in neighborhoods where the residents have expressed interest in obtaining public sewer service.
  • District Participation Program. Under the District Participation Program, also known as the Sewer Extension Revolving Fund, or SERF program, the District participates with the installer in the costs of extending the sewer, and recovers costs by collection of connection fees from benefiting property owners. Unlike the Septic System Abandonment Program, District participation can be used to extend sewers to new development.

Under these voluntary programs, the District designs and constructs the main and lateral sewers and recovers the costs from property owners when they connect to the system.

To encourage participation in the District's financing programs, the District may offer a financing agreement at a low interest rate and collect the payments on the county tax roll.