On-Site & Right-of-Way Sewer Work Procedures

On-Site Private Building Sewer & Property Line Cleanout Work

  • All plumbing installation and repairs are subject to the regulations in the Uniform Plumbing Code as well as the agency having jurisdiction (the local City or County), and West Valley Sanitation District regulations.
  • All plumbing installations and repairs require building/plumbing permits from the agency having jurisdiction (the local City or County), and District.
  • Under state law, before any installation or repair is performed, Underground Service Alert (USA) must be called to mark all utilities in the area of the construction. The utilities have a 48-hour period (business hours) from the time of the initial call to complete all markings.
  • A property line cleanout is to be located at the property line in accordance with District Standard Drawings. The property owner shall determine the legal location of their property line. Santa Clara County Surveyor’s Office Record Search web map contains records that may assist a property owner with determining the legal location of their property line.
  • Photos of the permit work, an overview photo of work and building, and site address will need to be emailed to permits.inspection@westvalleysan.org to initiate a District permit inspection in accordance with the following:

On-Site Building Sewer Demolition Work

Right-of-Way Sewer Lateral Work - Encroachment Permit

  • The sewer connection permit applicant will need to obtain an encroachment permit from the local City and/or County having public right-of-way jurisdiction from the property line to the street sewer main.
  • West Valley Sanitation District will inspect the work performed within the public right of way.
  • After the sewer installation or repair has been inspected and approved by the District inspector and the excavation area has been backfilled, the contractor must call the District to schedule a television inspection of the sewer line located within the public right of way.

Developer Sewer Lateral and Sewer Main Work

When new or modified sewer construction is required for a project, the following process is required to obtain West Valley Sanitation District's approval and acceptance:

  1. The Developer meets with the District staff to identify the project.
  2. The Developer or Engineer submits plans and pays a plan check fee.
  3. The District performs a plan check.
  4. Plans are returned to the Developer or the Engineer for revision, if necessary.
  5. The Developer or Engineer submits plans for a second plan check along with an additional plan check fee, if necessary.
  6. The Developer pays any applicable fees, provides an Improvement Bond and completed transfer of title form.
  7. The District Engineer approves plans and authorizes construction.
  8. The Developer notifies the District Inspector 48 hours in advance of beginning construction.
  9. Pipe and related facilities are installed and inspected under District supervision.
  10. The Developer or Engineer submits Record Drawings for District review and approval.
  11. The project is submitted to the District Board of Directors for acceptance.
  12. One year after acceptance, the District inspector performs a One Year Inspection and the Improvement Bond is released.