Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP)




Section I Mission, Goals and Objectives

Section II Organization

Section III Legal Authority

Section IV Operation and Maintenance Program

Section V Design and Construction Standards

Section VI Overflow Emergency Response Plan

Section VII Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) Control Program

Section VIII Capacity Management

Section IX Monitoring, Measurement, and Program Modifications

Section X SSMP Program Audits

Section XI Communication Program


Appendix A

A.1 2018 Board of Directors

A.2 2018-23 Strategic Plan

A.3 FY2018-2019 Strategic Plan Objectives & Action Plan

A.4 FY2018-2019 Organizational Chart

A.5 2018 Contact List

A.6 Ordinance Code (Ch 6, 7, & 13, & 14)

Appendix B

B.1 Draft FY2018-2019 O&M Budget

B.2 Sewer and Storm Drain GIS Map

B.3 Sewer Main Inventory

B.4 Geozone Cleaning Map

B.5 Pump Station Map

B.6 CCTV Sub-Basin Map

B.7 CoF/LoF/Risk Matrix

B.8 CoF/LoF/Risk Maps

B.9 5-Year CIP Budget, CIP Project List and Map

B.10 CWEA and NASSCO Certifications

B.11 Maintenance Vehicles and Emergency Equipment

Appendix C

C.1 Overflow Emergency Response Plan

C.2 Pump Station Emergency Response Plans

C.3 Water Quality Monitoring Plan

Appendix D

D.1 Introduction Letter to FSE

D.2 FSE Inspection SOP

D.3 FOG Outreach - BMP

D.4 FOG Map

D.5 Residential FOG Outreach

Appendix E

E.1 Hydraulic MNodel Map

E.2 2018 Hydraulic Analysis

E.3 Hydraulic Deficiency and Priority Map

E.4 2016 I/I Study

E.5 2018 Smoke Testing Report

E.6 CIP Project Map

Appendix F

F.1 Annual SSO Report for 2017

F.2 SSMP Development and Revision History

F.3 2018 SSMP Audit Report

Appendix G

G.1 FOG Outreach Materials 

G.2 BACWA Broshure - SSOs

G.3 BACWA Brochures - Sewer Laterals

G.4 WEF Brochure - It's a Toilet

G.5 WPSU - WPSU - Liquid Assets Video

G.6 Public Recognition of District Logo and Services

Appendix H

H.1 RWQCB File 1210.57 (AMP), November 15, 2004

H.2 RWQCB File 1210.57 (MTC), July 7, 2005

H.3 SWRCB Order WQ 2006-0003-DWQ

H.4 SWRCB Order WQ 2008-0002-EXEC

H.5 RWQCB Letter-Discontinue Annual Report, October 3, 2012

H.6 SWRCB Order WQ 2013-0058-EXEC