Additional Paid Leave

Personal Leave: 3 days per fiscal year.(2 hours for each month of service previous year). One day additional Personal Leave each year for birthday. Personal Leave must be used before the end of the fiscal year. Bereavement Leave: 5 days per occurrence, last 2 days charged against sick leave. Family Illness: 3 days per occurrence, charged against sick leave. Medical/Dental Appointments: charged against sick leave.

Administrative Leave

48 hours per year of administrative leave. Administrative leave must be used before the end of the fiscal year.

Deferred Compensation

Employee may defer up to $17,000.00 of salary per year to Section 457 plan in calendar year 2012. Employee may defer an additional $5,500.00 per year if eligible for "over 50 catch-up". Optional, no employer contribution except as stated under health plans.

Dental Insurance

Delta Dental Plan: Employee and dependents coverage. Monthly premium of $118.64 paid by the District. Maximum benefit is $2,000 per calendar year; the plan pays 75% of covered diagnostic and treatment charges. Orthodontics: $2,000 lifetime benefit; the plan pays 60% of covered orthodontic charges.


13.5 Paid holidays per year, everyday appointed by the President or Governor, and other such holidays may be designated by the board of directors.

Life Insurance

Basic Coverage: $25,000. Premium of $3.58 per month paid by District. Supplemental Coverage: From $250,000 to $399,000, based on salary. Premium of $22.50 to $35.91 per month paid by District. Accidental Death/Personal Accident Insurance: Optional coverage selected by employee, paid by employee through payroll deduction.

Long-Term Disability

Long-Term Disability Insurance: Cost is 0.81% of employee's covered salary, paid by the District. Biweekly covered salary is $923.00; Biweekly benefit is $615.00 Maximum. (Monthly benefit maximum is $1,332.50)

Medical Insurance

The monthly premiums for the District's medical plans are listed below. The maximum district contribution is the amount charged for family coverage under the lowest-cost plan available to the district. KAISER: Employee: $632.73, Employee + Spouse: $1,328.73, Employee + Children: $1,138.93, Employee + Spouse + Children: $1,834.92 (District contribution: $1,834.92, Employee contribution: $0). HEALTH NET: Employee: $884.59, Employee + Family: $1,872.92 (District contribution: $1,834.92, Employee contribution: $38.00 for family coverage). An employee must participate in one of the medical plans with a minimum of single coverage. The unused part of the District's contribution for the plan of employee's choice, will be contributed to the employee's deferred compensation plan.

Miscellaneous Compensation

NIGHT SHIFT DIFFERENTIAL: $0.65 per hour for all hours worked after 5:00 p.m. and before 7:30 a.m. to which an employee is regularly assigned; $1.00 per hour for all hours worked after 5:00 p.m. and before 7:30 a.m. to which an employee is not regularly assigned. GRADE CERTIFICATION PREMIUM: $25.00 per month for a CWEA grade certification over minimum required for position; additional $5.00 per month for additional certification over minimum.OUT-OF-CLASS PAY: $20.00 per day for work in a higher class, beginning with the first day of the assignment.Out-of-class assignments must be authorized by the supervisor. CALL-BACK PAY: 3-hour minimum at 1½ time; 4-hour minimum between 9:30 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. ON-CALL PAY: $40.00 per weeknight; $60.00 per Saturday, Sunday, or holiday. (Based on $20.00 per 8-hour shift.) OVERTIME: Operations/Maintenance Unit and Clerical/Technical Sub-Group: Overtime is paid at 1½ time for time worked over 8 hours in one day or 40 hours in one week; double time after 12 hours in one day. Payment may be made in cash or compensatory time off. Overtime must be authorized by supervisor. Professional/Supervisory Unit: Exempt, not eligible for overtime; employees in this unit receive 48 hours of administrative leave per fiscal year. MEAL ALLOWANCE: An employee assigned two or more hours of overtime work immediately following or preceding his/her regular work shift, or called in within three hours of his/her scheduled quitting time, is reimbursed a maximum of $12.00 for a meal. PROTECTIVE CLOTHING: Clothing Operations/Maintenance employees and other field personnel are provided with appropriate protective clothing and safety gear. Employees who are required to wear safety shoes in the performance of their duties are reimbursed $200.00 every fiscal year for purchase or repair of safety shoes. The reimbursement may be carried over to a maximum of $400.00 every 2 years. (Exceptions: Engineering staff and Director of Engineering/ Operations every 4 years.)


PERS 2.5% @ 55. Unused sick leave converted to service credit at retirement. Military service credit option. Employee PERS contribution of 8% is shared by the District and the employee; district pays 5%, employee pays 3%. District's employer contribution rate is 13.914% effective 7/1/2012.

Employees hired on or after 01/01/2013 may be subject to the Public Employees' Pension Reform Act of 2013 (PEPRA), Please consult with the Human Resource Department for details.

Short-Term Disability

Short-Term Disability Insurance: State Disability Plan. Cost is 1.0% of employee's salary, paid by District, on taxable earnings of $95,585 for 2012. (Max. $955.85 in 2012.)

Sick Leave

12 days per year; maximum accumulation 1,000 hours. Sick Leave Payout Policy: Unused sick leave over 1,000 hours is paid off at 100% of equivalent cash value every July 1. Upon resignation in good standing, unused sick leave is paid out according to the following schedule: 1-5 years of employment: 20% of cash value. 6-10 years of employment: 25% of cash value. 11 or more years of employment: 30% of cash value. Upon retirement, unused sick leave over 1,000 hours is paid out at 100% of equivalent cash value; the remainder is converted to retirement service credit.

Tuition Reimbursement

$1,000.00 per year for employees in all units.


1st year: 10 days/yr. 2nd year: 12 days/yr. 5th year: 16 days/yr. 10th year: 18 days/yr. 15th year: 20 days/yr. 20th year: 22/days/yr. Maximum accumulation is two years of vacation earnings (20-44 days). Vacation is paid out in full upon termination. Vacation payout of 40 hours per year optional.

Vision Insurance

Vision Service Plan: Employee and dependents coverage. Monthly premium of $23.44 paid by District. (Single coverage: $10.90, with remainder to deferred compensation.) Covers 1 eye exam and 1 pair of lenses per year; 1 set of frames every 2 years. Some provision for contact lenses. Co-pay: $25.00.

Workers' Compensation

The District provides workers' compensation insurance through membership in the California Sanitation Risk Management Authority workers compensation pool.