How you can help as a Resident

Sink Sins

Don't pour fats, oils, and grease from cooking down the drain.

Don't put fatty food scraps down the garbage disposal.

Food Service Establishments
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Don't pour waste fat, oil and grease down any drain.

Don't sweep waste into floor drains.

Don't put food scraps down a sink garbage disposal.

Never pour grease down the drain. Even with soap and hot water, the grease will stick to your pipes and can cause clogs
Sink Virtues

Do scrape food scraps into the garbage.

Do dry-wipe pots and pans containing grease with paper towels.

Do collect fats, oils and grease into a can or suitable container and dispose in the garbage.

Food Service Establishments
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Do maintain a properly installed grease trap/interceptor.

Do arrange for disposal of collected oil with a waste contactor.

Do dispose of food scraps directly into the garbage.

Do use strainers in your sink drains and empty the contents into the garbage.

Do clean your kitchen exhaust regularly.

Do seal fat, oil and grease containers kept outside to avoid seepage into storm drains.

Do use absorbent material to soak up oil under fryer baskets.

Do train your staff in the correct procedures for maintaining grease traps.

Do train your staff to react properly to a FOG spill.