Health and Environmental Protection

The District is committed to protect public health and the environment. We strive to maintain the highest standards through the use of advanced technology and long-range planning so that we can anticipate the challenges well in advance and are able to continue to provide effective and reliable service.

Advanced Technology

  • Use of a computer mapping system to design and maintain facilities. The geographical information system (GIS) provides quick and easy archiving and access to information about system maintenance, service calls, emergency repairs, and new development.
  • Regular video inspection of pipelines to ensure that they are secure and leak free.
  • Use special water jet and vacuum trucks to clean the pipelines.

Long-Range Planning

West Valley Sanitary District conducts extensive engineering studies to ensure the sewer system works at all times. A Hydraulic computer model simulates operation of the pipeline and pump system under various conditions such as high flows. It also shows the results of changes made by new construction. We maintain and update extensive maintenance and upgrades programs so that you can count on your sanitary sewer system working at all times.

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