Board of Directors

Our Governing Body

The District is governed by a five-member Board of Directors, comprised of elected officials from each of the four municipalities in the District's jurisdiction, and one member from the County of Santa Clara Board of Supervisors. At the beginning of each year, the municipalities and the County appoint an elected official to serve on the sanitation board for the subsequent year. The Board of Directors typically meet on the second Wednesday of each month (PDF) with Board agendas available the Friday before the meeting and Board minutes available a week after the meeting.

Rowena Turner

Rowena is the Board Chairperson and has been serving since 2017. Rowena is a City of Monte Sereno Council Member and believes it is crucial to listen and respond to the community we serve.

Rowena Turner

Board Chairperson


Chuck Page

Vice Chairperson

Chuck is the Board Vice Chairperson and is serving on the Board again starting 2023. Chuck is a City of Saratoga Council Member.


Daniel Furtado

Board Member

Daniel is serving on the Board again starting 2023. Daniel is a City of Campbell Council Member.

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Rob Moore

Board Member

Rob is serving on the Board starting 2023. Rob is a Town of Los Gatos Council Member.

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Joe Simitian

Board Member

Joe is serving on the Board starting 2023. Joe is the Santa Clara County Board Supervisior for Distritct 5.