Board Agendas and Minutes

Agendas and Minutes

Current year and previous years Board agendas and minutes are located in our Agenda Center.

Agenda Format Explanation

The Board agenda and staff reports are available by the close of business on the Friday prior to the regular Board meeting held on the second Wednesday of each month. Hard copies of the Board Agendas and supplemental information are available at the District office on the Friday preceding a regularly scheduled Board Meeting.

This is a point in the Board meeting where anyone in the audience may communicate with the Board about matters that are not on the agenda. Speakers will be limited to two to three minutes. As it is not legal for the Board to discuss any matter not on its agenda, any issue brought up under "Oral Communications" will typically be referred to staff and may come back to the Board as a regular agenda item.

Board Meeting Procedures

Your interest in the conduct of your District's business is appreciated. Citizens may speak on items of public interest that are within the service area of the District, after being recognized by the Board Chairperson. If comments relate to matters that appear on the agenda, those comments should be made when that item is discussed. For non-agenda items, comments should be made under "Oral Communications." Comments made under "Oral Communications" are limited to two to three minutes. To address the Board, the speaker must state their name and address and speak into the microphone. If a group wishes to address the Board, the Board Chairperson may request that a spokesperson be chosen by that group.

At least three Board members must be present in order to conduct a Board meeting.