Operating a restaurant

Properly maintained grease control device is key to avoiding grease clogged pipe backups  

A properly sized and maintained grease control device works as a filter to remove fats, oil, and grease from your wastewater discharge. Filtering is necessary to prevent your fats, oil, and grease from reaching your on-site plumbing lines and the District’s sanitary sewer system. Without filtering and proper maintenance; fats, oil, and grease can result in restricting pipeline flow and/or premature pipeline deterioration that can cause sewage to backup into your restaurant, and create foul odors.

Best kitchen food preparation practices are crucial to get grease to the grease control device

For the kitchen plumbing system to work as designed with your grease control device, food service establishment owners must use the kitchen as it was intended by following industry kitchen best management practices and as outlined in the below National Restaurant Association video.