Get registered to do ROW work & get listed

The process

You as a contractor (A, C-42, or C-34 licensed) must be registered with the District before constructing or repairing District sewers in public right-of-way or in a District easement. District registration is in addition to any local jurisdiction registration requirement. District registration is not required if District sewer work is performed under a separate District construction contract, or when performing work on private building wastewater sewers.



Submit Your Interest to Be a Registered Contractor

Submit the below contractor registration submittal form to be considered for inclusion on the list of District registered contractors.

Contractor Registration Submittal Form


  1. 1. Business Information
  2. 2. Emergency Contacts
  3. 3. Authorized Signer
  • Business Information

    1. License Classification*


    District Will Review Your Application

    Your contractor registration form will be reviewed for completeness and any errors or omissions will be addressed with the forms identified company authorized signer.


    Sign Agreement and Include Insurance Documents

    The District will email you an agreement (PDF) for your signature. Two signed agreements, including your insurance documents that meet the agreement (PDF) terms, shall be mailed or delivered in-person to the District at 100 East Sunnyoaks Avenue, Campbell, CA 95008.


    District Will Execute the Agreement

    Your signed agreement and insurance documents will be reviewed and executed with one of the signed copies mailed to your office.


    Submit Your Street Excavation Bond

    A bond in the amount of $5,000 to assure compliance with the rules, regulations, and specifications for the excavation within the public right-of-way shall be submitted either via:

      1) cashier’s check,
      2) bond from a bonding company per the District bond form (PDF), or
      3) certificate of deposit naming "West Valley Sanitation District" as the certificate holder.

    Your bond will not be released until one (1) year after the last work in the District has been inspected.

    The list

    Contractors currently registered to construct or repair District sewers within the public right-of-way, in the absence of a separate District construction contract, are contained in the District Sewer Work Registered Contractors List (PDF). The District Sewer Work Registered Contractors List (PDF) is updated when changes occur.