Learn about lateral disconnection process

What you need to know

Disconnection of a building upper sewer lateral, either temporary or permanent, is necessary to ensure construction debris or groundwater does not enter our sanitary sewer system and cause a backup. It is the responsibility of the property owner or property owner representative to verify the exact number and location of building sewer laterals connected to the building being demolished; and that all sewer lateral connections are disconnected per District requirements.



Locate the Property Line

Locate the property’s property line first to know where you need to excavate to disconnect the building sewer lateral, and if temporary, where to install the property line cleanout before the new building is completed.


Verify Building Connection to Sewer Lateral

Verify the exact number and location of sewer laterals connected to the building being demolished to ensure all building sewer lateral connections will be disconnected.


Disconnect and Cap Sewer Lateral

Disconnect building sewer lateral at the property line and temporarily cap or permanently cap based on District requirements. When temporarily disconnecting the building sewer lateral, install location marker in order to ensure the property line cleanout, that is typically constructed several months later, is installed in the correct location.


Email Photos of Permit Work to Initiate Inspection

Email to permits.inspection@westvalleysan.org work site address and the following photos of the permit work.

1)  Overall photo showing the work area with the property building in the background;
2)  Photo showing capped sewer lateral; and
3)  If temporarily disconnecting, photo of installed location marker.

The District will inspect the disconnect work once the submitted information is complete and has been assessed.


District Performs Inspection

The District does not require the property owner/contractor to be present at the time of inspection. Once the District assesses your disconnection, the point of contact will be notified of the results of the inspection.


Get Local Agency Demolition Sheet Signed

Once the inspection has been approved, the local agency demolition sheet can be signed by the District by:

▪ leaving it on the job-site;
bringing it to the District office by requesting a counter appointment via email sent to permits.inspection@westvalleysan.org; or
▪ if allowed by the local agency, emailing it to permits.inspection@westvalleysan.org, to be signed, scanned, and emailed back.

Building Sewer Lateral Temporary Disconnection Inspection Requirements Opens in new window

Temporary Disconnection

Use these requirements to temporarily disconnect a building sewer lateral when a building is being demolished and a new building is being constructed.

Building Sewer Lateral Permanent Disconnection Inspection Requirements Opens in new window

Permanent Disconnection

Use these requirements to permanently disconnect a building sewer lateral that will be no longer used in the future.